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About Us

Shades Technical Publications has been synonymous with publishing school and tertiary level textbooks on Electronics and  Electrical Engineering for over forty years. The first titles published under the Macmillan banner in 1984 with the original First Steps in Electronics being produced in 1990 under the Shades Technical Publications title. This was the first series of books written exclusively in South Africa for the South African school’s syllabus. As the books gained acceptance the series was expanded to cover First Steps Books 1, Book 2 and Book 3 as well as Eerste Stappe in Elektronika Boek 1 and Boek 2.


In their thirty years of existence this series set the standard for the subject and was used by thousands of students, many of whom progressed successfully into universities to follow careers in Electronics, Digital Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

In 1998 the range of titles was further expanded with the introduction of Fundamentals of Electronics and Intermediate Electronics, both written to cover first and second year courses of analogue Electronics at university level.

These books have been widely adopted as again setting the standard. The series also including supporting solutions manuals.

In 2016 Shades Technical Publications was appointed as ‘preferred supplier’ to the Department of Basic Education to produce a range of books to address the requirements of the CAPS 2016 document for Electrical Technology. This saw the introduction of a new series of Learner books and Teacher’s Guides entitled Step into Electrical Technology, covering Grades 10, 11 and 12 in both English and Afrikaans. Each Learner book is supported with a Teacher’s Guide including both daily and weekly lesson notes as well as full solutions to all end-of chapter activities. This series is now well established as the recommended texts throughout South African schools.


Coming soon the ‘Grade 12 Step into Electrical Technology’ book will be available in three separate books covering: ‘Power Systems’, ‘Electronics’ and ‘Digital Electronics’. Each book offering more detailed yet clear and comprehensive information to guide students.

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